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Topic: The compound future tense (BYĆ + participle) - PODRÓŻOWAĆ (To travel) 2

PAMIĘTAJ!: There are two compound future forms in Polish (equivalent to the English "I will + verb"). The first one uses the INFINITIVE ("Będę śpiewać" - "I will sing"). This form is gender-neutral. The second uses the PARTICIPLE ("Będę śpiewał(m.)/śpiewała(f.)" - "I will sing"). The participle changes according to the gender of the subject. The two future forms are interchangeable, and are equal in meaning.

The last exercise was about the "BYĆ + infinitive" form of the future tense in Polish. The following exercise will help you practice the "BYĆ + participle" form. Write the correct COMPOUND FUTURE form of PODRÓŻOWAĆ (To travel) to complete each sentence. Use the "special character" buttons below as needed.

Example: She will be traveling around Europe. = Ona będzie podróżowała po Europie.

1. She will be traveling by herself. = Ona sama.

2. Will you (formal, singular, m.) be traveling around/in Asia? = Czy Pan po Azji?

3. Will you (informal, singular, f.) be traveling by car? = samochodem?

4. We (f.) will be traveling for two months. = przez dwa miesiące.

5. They (m.) will be traveling during the fall. = jesienią.

6. Will you (informal, plural, m.) be traveling by train? = pociągiem?

7. They (mixed) will be traveling in time. = w czasie.

8. I (f.) will be traveling with my boyfriend. = z moim chłopakiem.

9. We (f.) will be traveling with backpacks. = z plecakami.

10. I (m.) will be traveling all summer. = całe lato.

Special Polish characters (click to insert):
ą Ć ć ę Ł ł ń Ó ó Ś ś Ź ź Ż ż




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