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Topic: The conditional tense in Polish 3

(Expressing "would like" in Polish - The conditional form of CHCIEĆ)

This exercise will help you practice talking about things one "would like" to happen in Polish. Fill in the proper CONDITIONAL form of the verb CHCIEĆ (to want) to complete each translation. Use the "special character" buttons below as needed.

Example: I (m.) would like to take a day off. - Chciałbym wziąć dzień wolny.

1. I (m.) would like to ask her out. = się z nia umówić.

2. Would you (formal, singular, fem.) like to drink something? = Czy Pani się czego napić?

3. We (f.) would like to share the costs with you. = się z Tobą podzielić kosztami.

4. The woman would like to find out about ticket prices. = Kobieta się dowiedzieć o ceny biletów.

5. I (m) would like to make up with you. = się z Tobą pogodzić.

6. I (f.) would like to see you. = się z Tobą zobaczyć.

7. Maria would like to move in to her new apartment as soon as possible. = Maria się jak najszybciej wprowadzić do nowego mieszkania.

8. We (m.) would like to learn Polish. = się nauczyć polskiego.

9. My parents would like to see me this weekend. = Moi rodzice się ze mną zobaczyć w ten weekend.

10. Which hotel would you (formal, plural, mixed) like to stay at? = W którym hotelu się Państwo zatrzymać?

Special Polish characters (click to insert):

ą Ć ć ę Ł ł ń Ó ó Ś ś Ź ź Ż ż




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